Value that never goes out of fashion

Traditionally, the Kilger leather factory was a classic pit tannery specialising in sole leather. As leather has been increasingly replaced by substitutes for shoes over the decades, we have moved into other niche areas over the years and have developed our production accordingly.

Although we still produce sole leathers using the pit tanning process, this only takes up a small part of our production. Today, we are mainly active in many small niches, which all have one thing in common: The high quality of the leather as the most important feature.

Our biggest area of expertise is now the production of high-quality leathers for the equestrian sector, where we are regarded as one of the market-leading leather manufacturers. But Kilger leather is also used to make many other diverse products: From watch straps to dog collars, handbags, belts, cricket balls and purses/wallets to cowbell straps for the cows on the alp.

Equestrian leather

  • Saddlebag leather
  • Saddle pad leather
  • Saddle seat leather
  • Bridle leather pike
  • Harness leather
  • Saddle necks
  • Stirrups Croupons
  • Chrome stripe leather

For western saddles

  • Blank leather double croupons
  • Underframe and fork necks
  • Blank leather halves

Leather crafts and leather goods

  • Blank leather necks
  • Blank leather Croupons
  • Blank leather pikes
  • Blank leather halves
  • Hot air greased and baked leathers

Orthopaedic and shoe leathers

  • Sole leathers of various types
  • Vache necks
  • Pit necks
  • Blank leather halves natural
  • Blank leather halves glossy
  • Insole Split Croupons
  • Core flex
  • Punched soles

Special Leather

  • Cricket ball coupons
  • Burnt in bell leathers / cow bell leathers